How to Play SNES Games on Windows PC

This guide will help you learn how you can play SNES Games on Windows PC. You may also be interested in other SNES emulators.

Nintendo couldn’t resist releasing the SNES following the success of NES. The aforementioned was a graphical leap forward that put NES visuals in a jiffy. It wasn’t just different, but so were the games.

In retrospect, the SNES was a console that set our homes and lit up with a wide assortment of games. But don’t worry, there is an emulator that allows you to play SNES games on your PC. Snes9x is the emulator I’m referring too. This guide will not cover all alternatives. Don’t sit around waiting any longer! Relax, pour yourself a favorite drink, and get to studying “How to Play SNES Games on Your PC”.

What is Snes9X?

Snes9X is an SNES emulator written in C++ and it was released in 1998 for first time. It is updated with a variety of updates that improve its performance. It is considered to be as one of the strongest SNES emulators that are available. It runs on a low-end PC without any problems. The emulator is divided into two versions, Snes9X 32bit and 64bit. Both are optimized for their acceptable Windows version. The second is still active and has had an update since the year 2019.

Snes9X isn’t the only emulator out there. You will find many alternatives and we’ll talk about in this article. You won’t be disappointed by reading the complete article.

Where can I buy Snes9X

The emulator is available for download via either the Bearoso official website with Snes9x files or on The Emulator can find more here super nintendo rom from Our Articles There’s nothing to worry about. These websites are secure and will not cause damage to your personal computer.

How do I install Snes9X

Snes9X is a standalone program that does not need an installation wizard like the other emulators. It’s easy to install: extract Snes9X from the zip file and you’re set.

The emulator must be placed in an shared folder on your computer, as usual. I recommend you go to documents, downloads or create a folder in your D/drive and call it SNES. Then, double-click on the emulator to boot it up.

The application could not start

When you first boot Snes9X You will be confronted with this error:

The application was unable to start properly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application.

This issue is rare when a 64bit program is installed on a 64bit OS. You can resolve this issue through running the compatibility mode (or using an older version with 32 bits) of the application. Although it may sound odd at times, things like this occur.

Set up the controls with Snes9X.

You can customize your controller through the menu Input>Joypad Configuration. The window that displays all the buttons that you would like to change will look just like that shown in the image above. To change a button to an alternative controller or keyboard simply click on the field you want to change. Next use the gamepad or keyboard buttons. Another option is to automate adjust your controls. Let’s say you’ve just installed your brand new controller, but aren’t sure about changing the keys on your keyboard to the gamepad buttons. No worries, you can actually automate the process. For switching between different fields all you have to do is to press the first button (which is “Up” in this instance). There’s no need to be concerned with the fields at the lower right. They’re useless.

Where can I get the games?

SNES has an incredible collection of games will not be missed. For ROMs or ISOs for your emulator, you can Google the term and it will take you to a plethora websites offering secure, safe, and trustworthy ROMs. You don’t have to worry about it, they’re all malware-free. You can also download the Zip file to download the game in case the downloaded game doesn’t start. Below, I’ll discuss how to play SNES games on the PC.

How do I Play SNES Games Using a PC

After you’ve downloaded your game, it’s time to get it started. To do that, click on the File menu, then Load Game or press Ctrl+O. The emulator should take you straight to where you downloaded your games. However, If not, you can go to the folder you downloaded the game into. But, I would suggest you save the Roms in the same folder on your Snes9X emulator. Click on the Rom to begin the game.

How to fix several problems when using Snes9X?

Unable to initiate XAudio2

There could be an error when opening Snes9X.

Inability to begin initializing XAudio2. You will not hear any sounds or music when you are playing.

It is usually caused by not having a recent DirectX version installed.

To resolve this issue it is necessary to install the complete DirectX package from the internet. You must download everything that is DirectX-related.

Failure to initialize output of display

After rebooting the emulator an error message will appear as this.

Incorrectly initializing the current display output. Try switching to a different output method within the display settings.

To resolve this issue To fix this issue, you must take the same steps like before. But, there are some other things you can do. First, download the latest version of the emulator. Secondly, upgrade your GPU drivers. Thirdly, ensure that you download a SNES ROM. Snes games can also be downloaded as ” SMC “, ” FG” as well as ” FG”.

If none of this helps you, your GPU might not be able to support OpenGL. To fix this, go to Video> Display Configuration. In-display configuration. Select the “Output Method” drop-down and choose DirectDraw. Once you’re done you can click OK.

Game freezes at a certain location

If your game freezes in a certain location, then you’ve witnessed the notorious bug. Despite being rare it isn’t possible to fix this. I understand that it’s a hassle, but restarting your emulator will fix the issue. Always save your data whenever you are able to.

How to improve the visuals

Output image processing

Snes9X is an emulator that allows you to enhance graphics to make them look superior to your console. Screen readers can also be referred to as screen filters or screen readers. This feature is accessible via Video > Display Settings. Find the option titled “Output Image Processing”, as shown above.

Click on “None” in the drop-down and select the option you want to use. Unfortunately, Snes9X doesn’t have an immediate preview, so to see how it looks you need to select OK to close this window. To choose a new filter, repeat this procedure.

How to save my progress using Snes9X?

Similar to any emulator, you can save your progress any time and wherever you like with saves states. You can access this feature through the File menu (as shown above) or using keyboard shortcuts like Shift+F1.

Loading your progress is easy. Just go to Load Game Position, select the slot you saved and hit F1. To avoid errors and any other problems, I recommend saving your progress while playing.

Snes9X: How to cheat

One cannot simply play in an emulator without cheating. Luckily, I’m not the only one stuck in the dreadful Super Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins level is I? Here’s the way it is:

1. Load your games, click on Cheat>Game Genie. Pro Action Codes. 2-In the “Enter cheat code” field, enter the code. Make sure there isn’t any space between the code. It won’t work if it does.

3-In “Cheat Description” enter a brief description of your code.

4-Click “Add” to include the code. There will be a box near it. Click that to enable the code.

5. Repeat the procedure for additional codes. Snes9X can support multiple cheat lines. These codes should be filled in one line at a time and in the correct order. After you’ve completed, click OK.

6-Reset or restart the game. If the cheat doesn’t work, you may have entered it wrongly or entered a wrong code.

GameGenie has all the information you need to locate codes. It is a complete source of information. It is also possible to play Etherealgames. It is now possible to play SNES games without worrying about getting stuck for long durations of time.

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