How do I Play Nintendo DS Games On Android

Did you realize that Android devices can play Nintendo-style games? With the assistance of an emulator application it is able to. Some apps are able to run NDS games on your smartphone like NDS4Droid. It’s a free, open-source DS emulator that is available on Google Play.

NDS4Droid is still in its early stages but it includes Open GL rendering and save states. Be aware that DS emulators on top-end phones is slow and some games, such as Pokemon, almost unplayable. The great thing about the app is that it’s regularly updated with enhancements to performance.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to play Nintendo DS games on your Android device with this emulator.

Step 1

Google Play offers the Android emulator NDS4Droid. The application is free and can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone without any problems.

The.apk file can be downloaded to your computer from a trusted source and transferred to your phone. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable. Navigate to My Computer and search for the phone’s SD card icon. Copy the.apk file to your SD card on your desktop computer. Andro Zip, a third party app is a tool to install the emulator onto your Android phone.

Step 2

A BIOS file is required.Join Us website This will not come with the application. Developers know the legal risks that come with these files, and will not bundle it in their applications. Without it, you won’t be able to play games on your emulator.

Step 3:

It is necessary to install the BIOS file. You will must also have a copy the game’s ROM. (Make sure you have an authentic copy of the game.)

The file must end with “.nds”. The emulator is able to download compressed archives like.rar or.7z files.

Step 4

It is possible to copy ROMs into a folder located on your SD card icon. Transfer data from your smartphone’s USB mass-storage function or to transfer files from your computer, you can utilize it.

Name your folder “NDS Games” to facilitate navigation. Next, open your emulator. Navigate to the folder. Find the ROM and double-tap to play. You can control in-game characters by using virtual buttons.

Be aware that NDS4Droid emulates the majority of games that you can play on your phone. This isn’t due to the app. It’s the CPU of your phone. The CPU of newer smartphones is more powerful than older ones. But, it won’t let you play your games of choice at peak speed. It is necessary to have a 3 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU on your desktop in order to play these games at their maximum speed.

The best emulators to play NDS Games On Android Devices

NDS4Droid isn’t the only application that lets you play Nintendo DS games with your Android phone. The apps are in beta phase, and they are constantly being upgraded with new features as well as fixes to improve the emulation. Here is a list of the most well-known NDS emulators on Google Play.

1. DSDroid

The app was initially designed to enhance gaming performance on smaller Android phones. It is now a fully fledged emulator. The emulator runs games such Pokemon at frame rates of 5-7 per second. Full-screen mode can be played by the emulator for free.

2. AndsEmu

Another great app, AndsEmu plays your most loved games. It features simple settings including important graphic settings such as VSync that ensures the smoothest gaming experience. It is actually a modification of the NDS4Droid app and is pretty good performance-wise. It allows you to play NDS games both on your tablet and phone.

3. DSoid

This paid app has dynamic recompilation. It can play games like Pokemon Diamond very well. But, it is slow and this is a problem. DSoid is more efficient than other free apps, including AndsEmu and DS Droid. The developer could also add a microphone function to allow gamers to speak commands while playing games in video.

Each of these apps is capable of running NDS games on a phone given that you follow this tutorial.

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